Information for Parents and the Public

Special Education Newsletter (Chinese version only)

To help parents and the public understand the needs of and support for children with special educational needs (SEN),  and to gain a better understanding of policy, implementation and measures of integrated education (IE), the Education Bureau (EDB) has published an online Special Education Newsletter.  Please click here for watching each episode of the Newsletter.


Other leaflets and media information

  • Fact sheet for parents of Primary One students with SEN

    • Proceeding to primary schooling is an important milestone on children’s path of development.  In partnership with schools, parents could help children with SEN adapt to school life when they start receiving primary education so that they are able to enjoy learning and develop potential fully. This leaflet (Text Version), which is the fact sheet for parents of Primary One students with SEN, provides parents with respective information on early intervention and school support services.




  • Parents / Relatives Resource Centre

    • Parents/Relatives Resource Centres, funded by the Social Welfare Department, include specialised ethnic minority units in certain centres.  Their objective is to provide community support for the parents and relatives / carers of persons with disabilities to learn how to take care of their family members with disabilities, exchange experience and establish mutual support.  For details, please click here.

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