“Learning and Teaching Resources Using Information Technology Strategies and Multimedia” Series

EDB has been actively engaging in the development of useful learning and teaching resources to help schools and parents support students with special educational needs (SEN) more effectively. EDB is currently developing learning and teaching resources that incorporate information technology strategies and multi-media, and will launch them in phases. The resources include multimedia teaching materials and tools, digital interactive teaching platforms, digital learning games, software, etc..  These resources aim to train students with diverse educational needs in social communication skills, emotional regulation skills, executive skills, reading and writing abilities, etc., for use of schools and parents.


Learning and Teaching Resource Introduction

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‘Video Modelling’ learning and teaching resource utilises video examples to enable students to observe the actions of the demonstrators and then imitate them, with the aim of achieving mastery of the target behaviours. Relevant researches indicate that video modelling can effectively enhance various skills of students with SEN, particularly those with autism spectrum disorder.

The content does not provide English version. Please view the Chinese version.

Candidates with specific learning difficulties (SpLD) in reading and writing are eligible to use the Speech-to-text (STT) Software, a built-in function of MacBook, to answer the questions for designated subjects in the Hong Kong Diploma of Secondary Education Examination.  The Online Self-learning Materials are designed for helping these students use the STT in learning and assessment effectively.  Students can make use of the video clips, online games and exercises to practise presenting their ideas from oral to written form fluently and accurately, master basic skills in using the STT and learn about tips to solve problems such as failure of the STT to recognise some of the words that are orally dictated.


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