The Committee on Special Educational Needs under the Curriculum Development Council is tasked to plan and coordinate special education curriculum development at all levels.  It also considers and gives advice on curriculum continuity and curriculum integration to meet the special educational needs of students across all levels of school education and ability range.  The curriculum devised for these students aims to achieve the goals of the Hong Kong school curriculum and align with the implementation of integrated education, so as to provide them with learning experiences comparable to those of their counterparts and develop their potential to the full.  Respective curriculum development is undertaken by the Curriculum Support Division.

Special schools in general adopt the curriculum framework of the Hong Kong school curriculum and make reference to the Primary Education Curriculum Guide (Pilot Version) (2022) and Secondary Education Curriculum Guide (2017) in the development of the school-based curriculum that suits the abilities and addresses the specific needs of their students.  Effective learning and teaching strategies are also employed to cater for the students’ diverse learning needs.

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