Hong Chi Shiu Pong Morninghope School

Hong Chi Shiu Pong Morninghope School

School for Children with Mixed Intellectual Disability

School for Children
Mixed Intellectual Disability


(The following information is provided by the school.)


Hong Chi Shiu Pong Morninghope School was officially completed in 2020. It is the first and only special school in Hong Kong that caters to students with mild, moderate, and severe intellectual disabilities, and it also provides residential services for students with moderate and severe intellectual disabilities.

The school emphasizes the development of students' positive behavior and encourages their active participation in school affairs through various learning programs and experiential activities. It aims to nurture individual strengths and talents. Additionally, the school provides comprehensive support for Non-Chinese-Speaking(NCS)students to enhance their proficiency in the Chinese language.

The school's rehabilitation team, nurses, and teaching staff work closely together to integrate therapeutic, nursing, and teaching plans into the daily routines, aiming for the holistic and healthy growth of the students. Furthermore, the school is committed to introducing the latest technology, such as exploring the latest developments in neuroscience and artificial intelligence, to improve the quality of life for the students.

The school also places great importance on collaboration and communication between parents and the school. It regularly organizes various parent activities, training sessions, and lectures, and maintains close contact with parents to keep them informed about their children's progress and overall well-being at school.



Hong Chi Siu Hong Morninghope School is located in Mun Tung Estate, providing convenient access for students to engage with the community. Through various activities such as scenario-based learning, field trips, and on-site investigations, students are able to broaden their life experiences and establish connections with the outside world, laying a foundation for their post-graduation life. For example, students have the opportunity to visit and shop at the local market in Mun Tung Estate, learning about the purchasing process. They also experience using public transportation, using Octopus cards for payment, and finding seats. These real-life experiences enable students to learn self-management skills, communication techniques, and social skills, equipping them with the ability to take care of themselves and integrate into society after graduation.

Furthermore, the school collaborates and exchanges with multiple schools and organizations. For instance, the school welcomes external visitors to tour the facilities and services, where dedicated staff introduce them to the school. The school also trains students to become "Student Ambassadors" who take on various roles such as food preparation, guest reception, hosting, and assisting in activities, allowing them to interact with the outside world and providing them with job training opportunities. Additionally, the school negotiates with different schools and organizations to provide students with internships and experiential opportunities in various positions, ensuring that students with different abilities can equip themselves early on and prepare for future transitions.

Enabling students to engage with the community is one of the school's educational missions. The school has plans for increased cooperation and exchange with the community in the future, aiming to establish harmonious and friendly relationships with neighbors. For example, since last year, the school has been organizing an annual "SPM Fun Day," inviting Mun Tung Estate residents and nearby partners to participate. Through various activities and student showcases, more members of the community can recognize the potential of students with intellectual disabilities, fostering inclusivity, acceptance, and appreciation, promoting community integration, and ultimately achieving the goal of educating the community.











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