Rhenish Church Grace School

Rhenish Church Grace School

School for Children with Moderate Intellectual Disability

School for Children with
Moderate Intellectual Disability


(The following information is provided by the school.)


Rhenish Church Grace School is founded in 1982.  In addition to teachers, the school has an establishment of educational psychologists, speech therapists, occupational therapists, social workers and school nurses, totaling over 80 staff members, who support students with special educational needs (intellectual disability, autism, attention deficit and hyperactivity disorder, visual impairment, hearing impairment, etc.) and work together to develop individualised education plan for students.  The mission of the school is to provide quality whole-person education in accordance with the ideals of Christian education, to help students develop their potential and to foster their integration into society.  The school also aims to provide Christian learning and caring teaching to help students know Jesus, accept the Gospel and enjoy a fruitful life.



  • Teaching staff have developed different e-software and made them available on the Android-Play Store and IOS-App Store, as well as implemented projects such as "One Robot for Life", "Grace TV" and "My e-Social Story", to provide real-life situations to enhance students' learning.  These include contextual learning rooms and technology through augmented reality (AR).
  • The school offers a wide range of activities to meet the needs of students of different abilities, such as “the Little Achievement Project”, the “Morning Radio Training Programme”, “Drama Group” and the "Eden" indoor sensory integration activity.
  • In addition to moral, intellectual, physical, social and aesthetic education, the school also emphasises on the spiritual development of students, such as the "Golden Words in Sign Language", and regularly organises religious gatherings such as "Barrier Free Worship".  In recent years, the school has been developing into a "healthy campus", where all students and teachers can work and learn in a healthy environment.
  • The school has employed experienced piano teachers to provide piano tutoring services to students, and some of the students have successfully passed the Royal Conservatory of Music Preliminary Examinations, Grade 1 to Grade 4 piano examinations.  In addition, teachers have compiled their own "Augmented Reality Music Textbook" for all special schools to use.
  • The school places great emphasis on the development of "Life Planning" for students, with hardware such as the "Graceful Bus Vocational Training Scheme", software such as the "Learning Outcomes Table" and systems such as the "Electronic Individualised Education Programme".



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