The Jockey Club Hong Chi School

The Jockey Club Hong Chi School

School for Children with Moderate Intellectual Disability

School for Children with
Moderate Intellectual Disability


(The following information is provided by the school.)


The school is operating under Hong Chi Association.  It was established in September 1981.  The school is a special school providing education services to children with moderate intellectual disability at the age of 6 to 18. Students are allocated to groups according to age and learning ability.

The vision of the school is “Be committed to providing quality special education services, so that each graduate can be self-reliant, independent and confident in transition to adult life”.  To achieve the aforementioned vision, the school’s mission is to provide all favourable conditions to:

  • make the school an enjoyable and caring learning environment
  • make students a good example to each other
  • make parents a partner of teaching and of the school’s development
  • help teaching staff develop a professional community that discusses, shares and adapts new approaches



School-based Pottery Programme

Since 2015, the school has been offering several pottery activities, including a pottery classes and workshops for students and parents, which enable the students to enhance their creativity and strengthen their sensory integration.  The school hopes to promote the pottery programme for the purpose of providing opportunity to learn relevant knowledge and skills for students.

In 2020, the school successfully applied for a grant from the Quality Education Fund to build in a pottery room.  The school hopes to promote the development of pottery under the yearly strategic plan.  The school encourages the students to participate art activities in order to enhance their potential, enrich their experience, and build up their self-confidence.  The school will strengthen the pottery training for teachers to enhance their ability of implementing pottery education.  The school also plans to open the new pottery room to parents so that they can organise leisure activities regularly.  Through art activities, parents are able to understand how well students are learning while enhancing parent-child relationships in addition to relieve stress.

The school commences to develop pottery programme in 2021.  Through a well-designed curriculum and learning activities, the school hopes to enhance the interest of all students in art creation and to improve their creativity, collaboration skills and problem-solving skills.

With the experience gained from previous exhibitions, the school plans to promote the students’ achievements to the community by organising an art exhibition so that the society will have a better understanding of the potential of children with intellectual disabilities.







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