Whole School Approach

The EDB has been encouraging schools to adopt the WSA to IE for aligning school policies, culture and practices.


Characteristics of the WSA

  • Whole school consensus: All staff of the school share the belief that every one of them should bear the responsibility of establishing an inclusive environment to cater for the needs of students.
  • Tiered support: Students in need should be identified and provided with appropriate support as early as possible.
  • Curriculum accommodation: The school curriculum should be adapted to cater for different needs.
  • Differentiated teaching: Diversified teaching strategies and assistive equipment should be adopted to cater for students’ diverse learning needs.
  • Peer support: Learning groups, peer tutoring and circles of friends should be strategically organised.
  • Teacher collaboration: Teachers should work together, for example, through co-teaching.
  • Classroom support: Teachers should work in collaboration with the specialists to improve the learning environment.
  • Assessment accommodations: Diversified assessment methods should be adopted and appropriate special examination arrangement should be provided for students with SEN to allow them with an equal opportunity to display their learning outcomes.

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