Measures to Support Schools



All along, the Education Bureau (EDB) has been providing public sector ordinary schools with additional resources, professional support and teacher training to help them implement the Whole School Approach to integrated education (IE).

Schools are provided with the Learning Support Grant (LSG) based on the number of students with special educational needs (SEN) enrolled and the tier of support for these students.  Schools will have additional teaching post(s) titled Special Educational Needs Support Teacher converted/ provided on account of the LSG reaching the specific threshold.  Moreover, schools are also provided with the Grant for Supporting Non-Chinese Speaking Students with SEN, Intensive Support Grant, Top-up Fund, etc., based on their individual situations.

Schools are required to holistically and flexibly pool together and deploy the additional resources allotted to provide appropriate support for students with SEN according to their support needs, including employing additional teachers and teaching assistants, or hiring outside professional services.

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