Basic, Advanced and Thematic (BAT) Courses


(1) Basic Course on Catering for Diverse Learning Needs (Online Learning Mode)

  • This is a 30-hour online training programme. Participants have to complete the training programme within three months.

(2) Advanced Course on Catering for Diverse Learning Needs

  • This is a 12-day, 72-hour training programme which includes 60 hours of teaching and 12 hours of supervised practicum, as well as a school-based action research.

(3) Thematic Course on Supporting Students with SEN

  • These training programmes provide in-depth training for teachers to help them grasp the specific knowledge and skills to cater for students with SEN.
  • The Thematic Courses are grouped under three main categories according to the educational needs of students.  Under each category, courses focusing on different types of SEN are offered, each with a duration of 60 to 72 hours.  Outlined below are nine courses that will be offered under the three categories:
    • Cognition and Learning Needs, focusing on:

      • students with Specific Learning Difficulties; and

      • academically low achievers (including those with Intellectual Disability)

    • Behavioural, Emotional and Social Development Needs, focusing on:

      • students with Autism Spectrum Disorder;

      • students with Attention Deficit / Hyperactivity Disorder; and

      • students with Mental Illness

    • Sensory, Communication and Physical Needs, focusing on:

      • students with Physical Disability;

      • students with Visual Impairment;

      • students with Hearing Impairment; and

      • students with Speech and Language Impairment


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