Enhanced Support Service for Students with Hearing Impairment


The Education Bureau (EDB) has commissioned the school for children with hearing impairment (HI) to provide the “Enhanced Support Service (ESS) for Students with Hearing Impairment”. ESS aims at providing additional support on a need basis to students with HI studying in public sector ordinary primary and secondary schools as well as special schools, in order to empower these schools to facilitate the students’ adaption to school life. If the adaptation, learning and/or communication difficulties of the students with HI fitted with hearing devices persist after the provision of school-based support, the EDB will, subject to parents’ consent and assessment of the EDB, refer the students to receive ESS. At present, ESS is provided by Lutheran School for the Deaf.



  • To strengthen the speech, language, communication and social skills of the students with HI, so as to enhance their learning and communication effectiveness for better adaption to school life.
  • To share the experiences in teaching students with HI with the teachers of ordinary and special schools, so as to facilitate the students’ integration into the schools.
  • To equip parents with the required knowledge, skills and strategies, so as to support their children with HI more effectively.



For enquiries, please contact the EDB Educational Audiology Service Section on 3698 3909.

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