School Partnership Scheme

In the 2021/22 and 2022/23 school years, we provide the following two modes of support service:


The first support mode

We have invited 12 special schools to serve as Special School cum Resource Centres (SSRCs). With rich expertise and experience in supporting students with intellectual disability (ID), SSRCs will share with ordinary schools their knowledge and skills in catering for these students and assist ordinary schools in dealing with individual students with ID who display severe adjustment difficulties.


The second support mode

We have invited 8 schools for social development (SSD) to serve as SSRC(SSD)s to provide support for their leavers (including students who completed the short-term adjustment programme in SSD) in their first year of returning to ordinary schools as well as for the ordinary schools concerned to facilitate the smooth and continuous re-integration of these students into school life.



For details, please refer to respective EDB circular memorandum.  For enquiries, please contact the EDB Special Education Support 1 Section:

SES Section Telphone no.
SSRCs 3698 4421
SSRC(SSD)s 3698 4428

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