Hong Chi Morningjoy School, Yuen Long

Hong Chi Morningjoy School, Yuen Long

School for Children with Moderate Intellectual Disability

School for Children with
Moderate Intellectual Disability


(The following information is provided by the school.)


The school was formerly known as Hong Chi Wah Fu Morninglight School.  It was relocated to Yuen Long in August 2004 and renamed Hong Chi Morningjoy School, Yuen Long.  The school is founded by Hong Chi Association, which provides a comprehensive curriculum for children with intellectual disability (ID) - launched the Invitational Education project, to help them develop their potentials and prepare them for better integration into the community. The school runs with a boarding section and serves students with moderate grade ID, with life-wide education and supports.

The school building is spacious with modern design, beautiful environment and with the emphasis on environmental protection and greening. The school has hydroponic machines and solar photovoltaic systems. As such, the school received different prizes relating to environmental protection.  The school has good facilities, in addition to classrooms, there are a number of school-based special rooms in line with the curriculum development and distinctive school-based plans, for example: the multi-sensory room, senior-form workshop, career planning room, etc.. The school is committed to providing students with sufficient, good and safe learning environment.



To apply the value of Invitational Education (IE), to strengthen positive culture are the school’s main concerns and highlight.  Whenever the guests visit the school, the cartoon icons Ian & Emma (stand for I.E) will standby & welcome everyone.  They were the drawings of senior form students.  This pair of icon represents the school’s IE characteristics.  The school teaching staff equips themselves through professional training and enhances their ability to lead school development. The class teachers are dedicated to conducting class management.  They set the class slogans & targets with students.  Students’ class works & art works are being displayed both inside & outside the classrooms.  The school believes that every student has talents & thus establishes the culture of mutual respect & trust.

The disciplinary team focuses at the core values of ‘Optimism’, ‘Trust’ & ‘Respect’, they prepare & make the microfilms with the students and play the films during recess time.  Besides, the school trains student ambassadors to promote positive culture so as to enhance students’ talents & potential.  A series of talent shows, which is named ‘Morningjoy IE Stage’, is prepared by each class and performed at the morning session.  From 2019, the school added STEM mini-experiment elements in the show. Through this arrangement, every student will have the opportunity to perform on the stage, enhance their self-confidence, and realise their potential.  Home-school cooperation is very important.  In addition to parent training, the environmental team and visual arts teachers organise parent-child activities such as making the creative art works with recycle materials.  Their work have become a part of School 15th Anniversary decorations.

In recent years, the school has made good use of the students’ art works for second creations.  The school has produced a series of souvenirs, classroom supplies and holiday items, including Chinese New Year Fai Chun, plastic files, appreciation cards, reward stickers and seals and mask covers.  Parents, staff, guest & students felt the school’s IE culture when they received the items, and felt inspired at the same time!








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