Hong Chi Pinehill School

Hong Chi Pinehill School

School for Children with Moderate Intellectual Disability

School for Children with
Moderate Intellectual Disability


(The following information is provided by the school.)


Hong Chi Pinehill School was established in 1979.  Over the years, it has been adhering to the Hong Chi Association's mission of “For people with intellectual disability” and has been actively providing appropriate and high-quality education services to students with moderate intellectual disability.  School staffs work hand in hand to take the students’ personal growth as a basis and work closely with parents to provide a variety of activities inside and outside the school in addition to academic studies, so as to encourage students to challenge and break through themselves, so that students can develop self-esteem, self-confident, independent, and self-reliant, can engage in the community and serve it to the best of their ability.

The school is located in the Pinehill Village, not far from the Tai Po Centre.  The contemporary Y2K standard school building is located on a hill and has a large space with a wide range of facilities, including classrooms and special rooms, as well as a spacious outdoor area for learning and leisure activities.  Surrounded by trees, the school is full of fresh air, with a beautiful environment, where students can be accompanied by nature and enjoy a quiet, simple and pleasant campus life.



The school focuses on the whole-person development of students.  In addition to classroom learning, it also emphasises on providing all-round activities, to develop students' potential, to enrich their life experience, and to establish a positive life attitude.  To continuously develop students’ interests and expertise, they regularly participate in different after-school activities every day, such as sport trainings, visual art creations, music performances, magic performances, juggling, etc..  Students show their achievements in different performances every year, which is a testament to their enjoyment and love of learning.

Students also actively participate in different types of competitions, such as the Schools Dance Festival, TWGHs “i-Run” Special Marathon, and Hong Kong Special Olympics Competitions such as snowshoes, bocce, and floor hockey.  While attaining awards are encouraging, the growth and confidence shown by the students are even more remarkable.

Through different learning experiences, students continue to develop their personal interests, build up their strengths, and enrich their lives.

Home school cooperation is an important part of the parenting process.  Through diversified parent activities, the school gathers the strength of parents and supports each other, thus safeguarding healthy growth and creating learning environment for students.  The following activities are highly supported by parents:

  • Parent Volunteer Activities: The school has a monthly parent volunteer activity, which includes topic sharing and production of teaching materials and aids, so as to unite parents to support the school.
  • Parent-Child Activities: The school has a wide range of Parent-Child Activities, including Parent-Child Picnics, Parent-Child Reading Groups, Weekend Parent-Child Activities, Parent-child Cooking Activities, etc.
  • Festivities and Gathering Activities: Every Christmas, with the support of charitable organisations, all students, teachers and parents go to the hotel for a lunch buffet to celebrate the festive season.  At the end of the school year, all students, teachers and parents go to the restaurant for a dinner to share their learning experiences with each other.










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