Hong Chi Pinehill No.3 School

Hong Chi Pinehill No.3 School

School for Children with Severe Intellectual Disability

School for Children with
Severe Intellectual Disability


(The following information is provided by the school.)


Hong Chi Pinehill No.3 School is a subsidiary of Hong Chi Association. The school is dedicated to serve students with severe intellectual disability (SID) and multiple disabilities.  It provides primary and secondary school education and boarding services for students.

The school emphasises home-school cooperation and joint collaboration among different professionals.  Parents participate in students’ Individualised Educational Programme (IEP) and case meetings together with teachers, therapists, and social workers.  The school’s communication App also facilitates an effective daily communication between the school and parents.

Community networks are valuable resources of the school. The Community Pediatrics Ambulatory Service (CPAS) of the New Territories East Cluster of Hospital Authority is providing outpatient service in the school. Continuous therapeutic and nursing care trainings are provided for staff and caretakers. With the support of charity funds, the school is equipped with a variety of learning facilities including VR cave, two adventure fixtures, visual training room, multi-sensory room and the barrier-free sensory garden. The school works closely with different consultants from university to conduct lesson studies, provide positive behaviour supports and remedial teachings, catering for the diverse learning needs of students.


Caring and Communications

The school is devoted to promote the concept of CRAFT. Developed by Hong Chi Association, the concept denotes that Communication X Relationship X Adaptation = Flourishing Transformation. Using school-based core vocabulary and positive behaviour support approach, the school supports SID and low functioning ASD students to mature gradually by helping them establish a closer social relationship with others through effective communications.

VR – An innovative teaching approach

Benefited by the immersive and interactive experience provided in the VR classroom, students break through their physical challenges and geological barriers, and thus integrating into the greater world. To further expand students’ potentials, assessment tools for generic skills and copious teaching contents have been designed in collaboration with The Education University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong Christian Service and several special schools for children with ID of different levels, through the ‘Jockey Club Experiential Learning Project for Students with Special Educational Needs (JCELP)’.

Building self-confidence through Adventure-Based Learning (ABL)

Thanks to the sponsorship from The Jockey Club's Charities Trust, students with multiple disabilities now enjoy a new accessible ABL facility.  Climbing through rope courses, walking across hanging bridges and flying on the zip-line, students do not only gain courage, but also self-esteem when problems and challenges are tackled one by one by themselves during the tasks.

We train, therefore we see

Supported by Hong Kong Society for the Blind and the Department of Health, students with visual impairments receive regular vision assessments. Apart from the outreaching service offered by Ebenezer School, the school’s “Cortical Visual Impairment” (CVI) team provides individual and small group trainings to students with CVI and low vision. Using light sources to stimulate students’ visual awareness, teachers aim to prolong students’ visual focus and enhance their eye-tracking ability, thereby establishing the habit of using their visions and ultimately facilitating their eye-hand coordination.

A splendid boarding life

The school’s dormitory service is open all year round, providing students with professional care and nursing supports. It is grateful to have various voluntary groups from the society to assist in students’ leisure activities at night and during holidays.  Boarders, being the Hong Chi Volunteers Team members, also participate in numerous charitable activities in society, so as to give back to the community.











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