Caritas Lok Jun School

Caritas Lok Jun School

School for Children with Moderate Intellectual Disability

School for Children with
Moderate Intellectual Disability


(The following information is provided by the school.)


Caritas Lok Jun School was founded by Caritas Hong Kong in 1994 and added a boarding section in 1999, providing education and boarding services for students with moderate intellectual disabilities from Primary One to Secondary Six.

The school and the boarding section are located alongside the Shing Mun River which connects ShaTin and Tai Wai, adjacent to MTR Che Kung Temple Station and Tai Wai Station.  There are also shopping malls and different types of shops nearby, which helps students to get out of the classroom and apply what they have learned in the classroom, thus improving their learning effectiveness by practicing in society.

In line with the Christian spirit and Catholic ethical values, the school upholds the belief of "Love in the service of hope".  Under the strong educational belief of the professional team, the school nurtures students’ lives with love and safeguards their whole-person development.  The school strives to make students integrate into the society, having the opportunities to learn and succeed, to lead a dignified and quality life, and to be equipped with kind-heart, active learning manner and the spirit of serving others.


Lok Jun Highlights "Lok Jun Seven Colors", including the positive campus culture of Catholic values, the good character of self-discipline and gregariousness nurtured by love, individualized education programs based on people, a vibrant team full of energy, and more Colorful life-wide learning experience, interactive e-learning, and career planning that gathers community resources. Among them, the e-interactive learning and life-wide learning experience "art education" is more prominent.

In order to promote independent learning and cultivate good morals, a series of educational videos and puppet shows are produced with the theme of life experience; and more than 200 sets of e-books containing short films, sound effects and images and interactive games are included in the assessment according to different subjects and topics. Interactive exercises enrich the learning content. In the near future, we are also conducting online learning to break the restrictions of time, place and people, allowing students to learn anytime, anywhere. With the support of Quality Education funding, the establishment of "Campus TV Station" and the production of "Social One Touch" communication application, and the introduction of somatosensory games and the establishment of esports teams to enable students to exert their multiple intelligences.

To interpret life through diversified art activities and media, and to bring art to campus and communities, from the 2002 "Partners' Talent Show" to the public hall, partnering with different special schools, we developed the "Stage Art" in an integrated art form. The achievement was recognized, and the "Art Education Award" was awarded by the Hong Kong Arts Development Council in 2014. Then we use art to mobilize students to engage with the community to promote "Inclusive Art"; and then hold performances and exhibitions under the theme of "Portable Art", and publish "Portable Art: Art Education Sharing Collection ". We will continue to develop “Community Art" in the near future, and expand every possibility to do art with disabilities.









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