AIM Project: Whole School Approach to Providing Tiered Support for Students with Autism Spectrum Disorder

AIM Project comprises 2 parts:

Part 1 : School-based Multi-Disciplinary Professional Support

A team of multi-disciplinary professionals led by the educational psychologists of the Education Bureau (EDB) will provide on-site practice-based coaching for the participating schools to conduct situated learning for teachers. Through the provision of consultation, case discussion, lesson observation and feedback, workshops and inter-school network sharing, the school personnel would be equipped to effectively deploy the Tiered ASD Model and related strategies to cater for the needs of students with ASD with significant difficulties with a view to enhancing their social adaptive skills and behaviours. The team of professionals will also collaborate with the school personnel to design and refine the Individual Education Plans (IEPs) that comprise support in 3 tiers for the students.

Part 2 : Non-Governmental Organisation and School Collaboration

NGOs (hereinafter referred to as the Service Providers) with expertise in ASD support will be brought into schools to support the arrangement of Tier-2 support in the Tiered ASD Model i.e. supplemental small group training on social adaptive skills. The Service Providers will design and implement the various training elements in accordance with the special needs of the students in the group to enhance their social cognition, interpersonal communication, emotional regulation and learning skills, etc. with a view to facilitating their social and learning adaptation and subsequent smooth integration into school, family and community life. The training activities will also cover consultation and/or training for the related parents and teachers.




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