Training Course for Special School Teachers (TCSST)


Starting from the 2012/13 school year, the EDB has been providing a 240-hour Training Course for Special School Teachers (TCSST) on “Education of Students with Severe or Multiple Disabilities” to meet the specific training needs of special school teachers.

In response to the general public’s higher expectations for the professional qualifications of teachers in special schools, the EDB, in consultation with the Special Schools Council and principals and teachers of special schools, set teacher training targets for special schools.  The target is each special school will have 85% or more teachers with special education qualification by the end of the 2023/24 school year.



In view of the educational needs of the students with severe or multiple disabilities enrolled in special schools, the TCSST on “Education of Students with Severe or Multiple Disabilities” is offered to meet the teachers’ specific training needs.

The TCSST is restricted to serving teachers of aided special schools.  This training programme aims at enhancing special school teachers’ competence in teaching students with ‘severe or multiple disabilities’ in special schools.  It is divided into two parts:  Part One is a 40-day (240-hour) course to be conducted six hours per day in a block release mode.  The 240-hour training programme consists of the following four modules: (i) Theories, principles and practices in special education; (ii) Academic and learning support; (iii) Emotional, behavioural and social development support; and (iv) Sensory, communication and physical support.  Part Two includes the practicum activities. After attending Part One (240-hour course), participants are required to take part in a six-month practicum, instructors will organise lesson observation cum post-lesson discussion, project work, experience sharing sessions, etc., to help teachers apply what they have learnt in class.

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