Resource Support Programme for Visually Impaired Students


  • In general, subject to the assessment and recommendations of professionals and with the consent of parents, the Education Bureau (EDB) will refer students with moderate visual impairment or below to the schools for students with visual impairment (VI) so as to provide intensive support for them:

    • Ebenezer School provides education services for students with moderate visual impairment or below so as to facilitate them to overcome the barriers in their learning and to develop their potential to the fullest;

    • For students with VI and moderate intellectual disability, parents may consider Ebenezer New Hope School; 

    • The school premises, facilities and curriculum are specially designed to facilitate effective learning of the students;

    • These two schools provide students with specialised training, such as use of Braille, Tactile Diagrams Reading, and Orientation and Mobility, so as to equip them with the skills to overcome the learning difficulties caused by VI; and

    • The two schools also provide boarding sections to those students in need. The boarding sections equip the students with life skills, which enable them to live independently.

  • Students with mild visual impairment will be enrolled in ordinary schools. Schools will provide the following support in accordance with the needs of individual students:
    • Schools will devise plans to help students with VI to adapt to the school settings and to facilitate effective learning;

    • According to the advice from relevant professionals, schools will devise learning materials, teaching approaches, assessment to support students with VI to learn effectively;

    • Schools will jointly formulate long-term learning plans with the students concerned and their parents in accordance with their individual abilities, visual conditions, interests, etc. to facilitate the development of their competence;

    • Schools will provide counseling services for supporting the emotional needs of their students with VI; and

    • Schools may purchase special furniture and assistive aids or carry out minor conversion works to meet the needs of students.



  • Ebenezer School - Resource Support Programme for Visually Impaired Students (RSP)

  • Ebenezer New Hope School - Resource Support Programme for Visually Impaired Students (RSP) leaflet (Chinese version only)

    • The resource teachers (RT) of Ebenezer School provide support for students with moderate visual impairment or below who are studying in ordinary schools or special schools other than those for students with VI, while the RT of Ebenezer New Hope School provide support for students with VI studying in schools for children with severe intellectual disability; 

    • The RT visit schools regularly to help students learn and conduct training. They also provide professional advice for schools to help teachers cater for the needs of students with VI; and

    • Braille Production Unit of Ebenezer School provides Braille transcription of learning materials, as well as test and examination papers, for the schools receiving support.  The Unit also transcribes homework and answer sheets submitted in Braille by students with VI into print format to facilitate marking by their teachers.

  • Braille textbook transcription service

    • Funded by the EDB, the Centralised Braille Production Centre of the Hong Kong Society for the Blind provides Braille textbook transcription service for students with VI. The Centre also provides the students with Braille books, Braille e-books, tactile graphics, etc.



For enquiries, please contact the EDB Special Education Support 2 Section on 3698 3727.

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