Evangelize China Fellowship Holy Word School

Evangelize China Fellowship Holy Word School

School for Children with Moderate Intellectual Disability

School for Children with
Moderate Intellectual Disability


(The following information is provided by the school.)


The Evangelize China Fellowship Holy Word School (HWS) was founded in 1979 and is located in Yau Tong.  It provides quality education to students with moderate intellectual disability.  The school’s mission is to provide the Whole-person education to students with the practice of Christian philanthropy based on biblical truths and the school motto, “Respect the Holy Spirit, Understand the truth, Serve mankind through faithfulness to the Lord”.  Students will be able to: develop their potential to the full; build up the abilities of self-care, self-discipline and independence; integrate themselves into society, care for their country and serve the community.

The school provides a 12-year student-oriented curriculum.  The students are divided into four different key learning stages which are junior primary, senior primary, junior secondary and senior secondary.  From primary to junior secondary section, the school implements basic education which advocates students’ self-care, social and communication skills whereas the senior secondary education focuses on students’ independence and work skills for future career.

The school strives to improve the quality of life of students with autism spectrum disorders (ASD) and let them shine.  With funding from the BOCHK Centenary Charity Programme, a new project ‘Across-aged Utilisation of Technology & Innovation for Social Missions (A.U.T.I.S.M.)’ which serves individuals with ASD through holistic intervention has been launched in 2021.  It was funded by the BOCHK Centenary Charity Programme.



In terms of learning and teaching, the school curriculum provides multi-dimensional learning experience.  For instance, they are daily life learning, generic skills, positive values and attitude.  To cater for the learning diversity and the needs of students, the school adopts various evidence-based approaches in order to enhance the effectiveness of teaching and learning.

The school has school-based curriculum to cater for the needs of students.  A variety of responsive tools and electronic teaching materials has been used in order to arouse students’ interests and motivate them to learn. Furthermore, the school has Daily Life English and Putonghua lessons.  These aim to strengthen students’ life skills.

The school values the career development for each student.  It provides Individualised Education Programme to meet students’ needs.  The school has the interdisciplinary team to discuss the specified targets which consist of ‘self-care learning’, ‘behavior and emotional management’ and ‘social adaptation’ for each student.  Meanwhile, the school invites parents to participate into the planning so that home-school cooperation could be achieved.

Through the diversified learning activities, students are able to develop their hobbies in their leisure time.  The school encourages students to participate in different competitions and excursions.  It hopes to help students to reach the best of their potentials and build up their self-esteem and sense of accomplishment throughout the activities.

In order to promote home-school cooperation, the school has developed a one-stop platform (a mobile app named HolyApp) to analyse the learning performance of students.  Parents could browse the data of their own children and download suitable learning materials through HolyApp.








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