Po Leung Kuk Anita L. L. Chan (Centenary) School

Po Leung Kuk Anita L. L. Chan (Centenary) School

School for Children with Moderate Intellectual Disability

School for Children with
Moderate Intellectual Disability


(The following information is provided by the school.)


Po Leung Kuk Anita L.L. Chan (Centenary) School is a special school under Po Leung Kuk, with "Love, Respect, Diligence, and Sincerity", as its motto.  The school provides educational services to children with moderate intellectual disability aged 6 and above.  They emphasize life skills training, physical training, social communication skills training and cultivation of good characters to achieve Whole Person Education, enhancing the "Moral, Intellectual, Physical, Social, and Aesthetic" capacities of students holistically.  They seek to provide an optimal learning environment to students and cater for their individual educational needs to develop their highest potential.  The school is dedicated to preparing students for the challenges in future as they integrate into society, by enhancing their “Self-care abilities” and promoting “Independence” and “Autonomy”.  In line with the philosophy of "To love without barriers and to learn with joy and success", the school create a happy and caring campus for students to learn and grow happily through their childhood and to make successful transition to adulthood.  They thereby can envision a fruitful life with family and friends and a job after graduation.  The school provide students with different learning opportunities and inspire them to reach their potential.  The school encourage students to dream and to follow and fulfill their dreams so they could live their Personal Legend one day.



S.E.A.L. Scheme (Special Education with Adventure-based Learning)

Through the integration of "Adventure Counseling" into classrooms, the school has developed systematic counseling and training programs for moral and civic education, in order to enhance students' motivation in learning and their communication, problem-solving and collaboration skills.  The Barrier-Free School Program was honored with 2010-2011 Chief Executive's Award for Teaching Excellence (Special Education).

"Discipline Executive Officer" Life Development Scheme (D.E.O.)

Students with moderate intellectual disability have difficulties in social adaptation and generalization of skills.  In view of this, the school had developed a comprehensive student support system to help students cope with difficulties encountered in real-life situations.  The "Get Organized - "Life Schedule Planning Training" is an individual- and family-based program.  It is designed to develop students' full potential through systematic training, hence to enhance their "Self-care abilities”, “Independence” and “Autonomy”, so that they can stand on their own feet and integrate into the community one day.  The program was awarded the 2012-2013 Chief Executive's Award for Teaching Excellence Commendation Award. 

"One Life, One Sport, One Art" Program

The school has been actively promoting and developing extra-curricular activities for years to develop students’ physical and artistic skills.  They enhance the "Moral, Intellectual, Physical, Social, and Aesthetic" capacities of students through a wide array of activities so that they can develop holistically and healthily.  This also help create success and develop their sense of self-worth. "One Life, One Sport, One Art" Program activities are held every Thursday afternoon for all students.  They hope to explore students' talents and foster their interests in both physical and artistic activities, so as to nurture them in future. 

Positive Education

The school has been collaborating with the Positive Education Research Unit of the City University of Hong Kong to promote positive education in school.  They adopted a Whole School Approach in implementing the "Happy Stage - Positive Education Program".  In the program, they launched positive education courses based on dance, sand painting, and drama.  Apart from that, positive education elements were also incorporated into school’s policies, environment and activities to allow a comprehensive understanding of positive education by students.




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