What is attention deficit / hyperactivity disorder (AD/HD)?

The major symptoms of AD/HD include weak attention, over-activity and impulsive behaviours. These symptoms lead to difficulties in learning or social interactions.  The common forms of these symptoms are:

  • difficulty in focusing and short attention span;
  • easily distracted by the environment;
  • weak organisation of work;
  • difficulty in staying on seat in class; and
  • impulsive acts without considering the consequences.


If I suspect that my child might have AD/HD, I should…

…initiate contact with the Special Educational Needs Coordinator (SENCO), class teacher, student support team or school social worker, in order to seek advice and support for an appropriate assessment.


After my children is assessed to have AD/HD, I should…

…provide the school with the SEN information of my child promptly and proactively, and maintain communication with SENCO, student support team, class teacher and subject teachers to understand and my child’s learning and adjustment in school and discuss the appropriate support strategies with them when necessary.


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