Support Measures

To support students with attention deficit / hyperactivity disorder (AD/HD), the Education Bureau has developed a series of teaching resources on enhancing the executive skills, including “Enhancement of Executive Skills: A Classroom-based Approach” and “Development of Executive Skills”, which are applicable to primary schools; and the “Coaching Programme on Executive Skills of students”, which is applicable to secondary schools.  We also regularly conduct talks, workshops and experience sharing sessions to enhance the professional knowledge and capacity of school personnel in supporting students with AD/HD.

When helping students with AD/HD, teachers can consider four kinds of support measures: seat arrangement, teaching strategies, peer support and home-school cooperation.  In addition to Tier-1 support in class, schools should consider arranging group training that addresses the needs of the students.  When providing Tier-2 support, such as enhancing and strengthening the executive skills of the students with AD/HD, schools can help them effectively manage the difficulties they encounter in daily life. If the difficulties of these students persist or even get worse, such as having serious emotional outbursts, frequently breaking school rules, engaging in behaviours that endanger the safety of themselves or others, etc., the school should consult the relevant professionals and consider the views of their parents to decide whether it is necessary to uplift the support level to Tier-3.

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