School-based Educational Psychology Service


School-based Educational Psychology Service (SBEPS) is a comprehensive and integrated educational psychology service provided by the EDB and selected school sponsoring bodies.  From the 2016/17 school year, the SBEPS has covered all public sector ordinary primary and secondary schools. Starting from the same school year, the EDB has been providing the Enhanced SBEPS to public sector ordinary primary and secondary schools with a comparatively large number of students with special educational needs progressively.



  • The SBEPS aims at enhancing schools’ capacity to cater for students’ diverse educational needs. Participating schools will be facilitated to achieve the following objectives:
    • The school will have an inclusive ethos and a caring environment backed up by whole school policies and sound mechanisms to cater for students with diverse educational needs.
    • The school personnel will have adequate knowledge and skills to support students with diverse educational needs and to enhance the effectiveness of learning and teaching.
    • The students can maximise their potential and overcome their difficulties.


Guidelines and form



For enquiries, please contact the EDB Educational Psychology Service (Hong Kong) Section on 3695 0486.

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